Bicycle Brands

A Bike Buyers’ Guide

bicycle brands

For the beginner bicyclist, looking at all of the various bicycle brands out there can be a bit overwhelming. Even professionals can have a hard time keeping them all straight, so here is a guide to who makes what in the cycling industry.

You may have heard of the Trek brand of bicycles. Trek is the brand that Lance Armstrong rides. They make a full complement of bikes including road, mountain, triathlon, kids, and even electric bikes. Trek is known worldwide and can be found in many bicycle shops with a price range of around $300 to over $8,000. They also have a full range of accessories and clothing from which to choose. Diamondback is a company that has been around for over 30 years, so that right there tells you they must be doing something right to keep customers coming back. They not only make the popular BMX line of bikes, but they also produce a number of bikes for fitness, mountain biking, men, women and children. Their bikes can be found across the nation, with prices varying anywhere from $220 to $3,050, depending on the type you want.

Another popular company is Specialized . They are a worldwide brand that makes mountain, road, fitness, comfort, BMX, women’s and children’s bikes. Cannondale is a brand which is owned by a company called Dorel Industries. They also make a wide variety of bikes including men’s, women’s, fitness, urban, mountain, road, and even specialty bikes. Although not as widespread as Diamondback, Cannondale bikes can be found at shops that specialize in biking equipment and gear.

bicycle brands Another company on the long list of bicycle brands is Fuji . Fuji is a Japanese company that has been around since 1899. The company also has a headquarters in Philadelphia where they make bikes for the US market. Their vast array of bikes includes BMX, lifestyle, road and mountain bikes for both men and women. Their bikes can be found stores that specialize in bikes and biking equipment. The prices on their bikes vary greatly, costing anywhere from $240 to $3,400 for a mountain bike and $470 to $6,340 for a road bike.

Other bike brands include names like Giant, Klein, Gary Fisher, Bianchi, Huffy and Jamis. Giant is a Taiwan-based company that makes BMX, lifestyle, road, mountain, fitness, women’s and children’s bikes. Klein focuses mostly on road and mountain bikes that are meant to be exported, but they can also be found domestically in select markets. Jamis is based in the US and makes cross country, mountain, road, comfort, women’s and children’s bikes, available at specialty bike shops.

Schwinn is perhaps the most popular of all the various bicycle brands. Based in California, Schwinn focuses on BMX, mountain, road, comfort and children’s bikes, which are available nationwide at pretty much every big box retailer.

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