Tips for Choosing Bicycle Gloves

bicycle gloves

Bicycle gloves are an important part of any cyclist’s bicycling gear. Gloves can protect your hands from the elements as well as provide support and added grip on the handle bars. This is particularly important when you are riding over long distances.

There is a wide assortment of cycling gloves that are usually broken up into categories according to the type of biking that you do. For example, long distance biking gloves help wick away moisture more efficiently while gloves for BMX bikers are meant to protect the hands in case there is an accident.

It is important that you determine the type of biking that you do and use only gloves in that category. Using gloves from a different category may not give you the benefits that you need for safe and comfortable riding.

There are two types of bicycling gloves. Short fingered gloves are gloves that don’t fully cover the fingers. They look like someone took a pair of scissors to regular gloves and cut off the fingers. The major benefit of using these types of gloves is that they prevent your hands from becoming too warm when you are on the road. They also provide better dexterity. These are good for biking in warm weather.

However, you will want to stick with long fingered gloves if you are biking during the winter or cold weather. Long fingered gloves are also good for those that do a lot of off-road biking as they will protect your hands and fingers from the bushes and trees.

bicycle gloves The gloves should have some type of fabric or leather on the palm side of the glove which will help you get a good grip on the handlebars. You’ll also want to make sure to buy cycling gloves that have padding on the palm and fingers to prevent the development of blisters. There are some gloves that have gel padding. This type of padding absorbs the shocks more and provide for greater comfort. However, they can feel bulky.

You want your bicycle gloves to fit snug but not too tight that you can’t move your fingers easily. Be aware, though, that they do stretch out over time so you don’t want to get them too loose either.

Lastly, look for gloves with a terry thumb that you can use to wipe your bicycle seat of sweat when you are on the road. Join the forums and tell us about your bicycle gloves or share your personal riding tips.


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