Choosing The Best Bicycle Helmets

bicycle helmets

It is a proven fact that bicycle helmets saves lives. A minor accident can quickly turn into a traumatic brain injury if you go flying off your bike and hit the pavement head first. Therefore, you want to take all the time you need to pick out a bike helmet that has been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to protect you from suffering head trauma in the event of an accident. A good helmet, when properly taken care of, should last you between 5-10 years. Here are a few more tips for picking out a good cycling helmet.

Bicycling helmets are basically made of foam that has been molded to a tough thin shell. The shell is designed to absorb impact while the foam is made to ensure a comfortable and snug fit on your head.

Most all of the helmets in the United States are made to CPSC standards. However, you want to look inside the helmet to ensure it has a safety sticker attesting to it rating as a safety device. If there is no sticker then the helmet may not have undergone inspection and testing. Therefore, bypass it for something that is guaranteed to be safe.

bicycle helmets The helmet should have vents on the side to allow for good circulation of air which will help keep you cool. It is important that you try the helmet on to ensure that it fits properly. When you put it on and tie the strap, the helmet should sit uniformly on your head. There should not be more pressure in one area than another. Move your head around to test whether it moves or try pushing it with a finger. The helmet should fit snugly enough that it sits solidly on your head. If it doesn’t, try adjusting the chin straps. Some helmets come with insert-able pads that will even out the fit. If that doesn’t help, then try on smaller bicycle helmets.

The shell of the helmet should be smooth with no sharp points or areas that could snag on something. To assist in road safety, you should buy bicycle helmets that are brightly colored which will catch the attention of drivers on the roadways. Dark colored helmets may blend into the scenery too much. Stick with the basics and avoid gimmicky helmets, such as an "aerodynamic" helmet. If you need help with sweat control, a headband can be added.

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