A List of Bicycle Parts


Here is a breakdown of all bicycle parts and their location.

Bicycle Tires: These cover the wheels and vary widely from skinny road racing tires (18-25mm) to thick off road tires (38-64mm).

Bicycle Wheels: These are the metal frames for the tires and sit in the dropouts of the bike frame.

Custom Bicycle Wheels: Some tire companies specialize in making wheels that fit the specifications of the cyclists. This is a useful service if you want something unique for your bike or the tires need to handle a particular terrain.

Bicycle Spokes: These are the thin metal rods that sit inside the wheel and help provide support for the weight of the bike and the rider.

Bicycle Rims: this is a large hoop that sits on the outside ends of the wheel spokes. These provide extra support for the spokes.

Bicycle Brakes: There are three types of brakes. Rim brakes which slows the bike by pressing against the bike’s rims; internal hub brakes which are located in the wheel hubs and disc brakes.

Bicycle Disk Brakes: This is a metal disc that attached to the wheel hub.

Bicycle Seats: This is the saddle that you sit on when riding. It is located in the center of the bike.

Bicycle Seat Posts: This is the long metal tube that holds the bicycle seat.

Bicycle Frames: This is the main part of the bicycle where the wheels, seat, and handlebars attach to. The most common shape of a bike frame is that of a diamond or two triangles, a front and a rear.

Bicycle Handlebars: These help you steer the bike as well as hold the brakes and sit right above the front tire.

Bicycle Stand: The kickstand keeps the bike in an upright position when stationary. It is usually attached to the frame right behind the rear tire.

Bicycle Gears: The gears help the bicycle change speeds and are located in the center of the rear wheel as well as attached to the pedals.


Bicycle Chain: The chain is looped around the gears and is what causes the bicycle to move when the pedals are engaged.

Bicycle Pumps: Frame pumps snap directly onto the frame of the bicycle usually inside the front triangle.

Bicycle Speedometer: These usually sit on the handlebars while the magnet that helps count wheel rotations is attached to the front wheel. This tells you how fast you are going.

Bicycle Mirror: These attach to either side of the handlebars and allow you to see what is going on behind and to the side of you.

Bicycle Lights: This is usually attached to the frame of the bike right above the front tire.

Bike Pedals: These are attached to the bike frame at the junction of the front and rear triangle.

Bike Bags: Bike bags and racks can be looped over either the front or rear tire depending on rider preference.

Custom Bicycle Parts: There are shops that specialize in custom made parts for your bicycle when you need or want your bike to have a particular enhancement.

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