Bicycle Tools

What You Need to Work on Your Bike

bicycle tools

Bikes are very easy to repair especially if you have the right bicycle tools. Whether you are at home or on the road, having the tools for the job will make maintaining your bicycle a breeze.

For the person with the home workshop, here are some things that you will want to have on hand. A repair stand to elevate the bike so you can work on it easier. A workbench or counter for laying out your tools and parts. A vise to grip things so you have use of both of your hands. An apron to prevent grease and other stains from ruining your clothes. Rubber gloves will protect your hands. Eyes should be protected with goggles.

You will also need lubricants will grease up mechanical parts, solvents for degreasing and cleaning up, alcohol for cleaning rims and brake pads, and rags. A chain cleaning kit is a good for keeping the chain of your bike in tip top shape. A can of Anti-Seize should be one of you bicycle tools that is indispensible because it prevents parts from rusting together. Thread adhesives are another good item that prevents parts from loosening.

In addition to these items, you should have regular tools on hand as well. This includes small and medium screwdrivers, small and medium Phillips screwdrivers, combo wrench, regular and needle-nose pliers, small and medium vise grip pliers, diagonal cutters, 6 and 12 inch wrenches, ball peen hammer, plastic or rubber mallet, hacksaw, a course and fine file, metal punches and chisels, awl, knife, and scissors.

bicycle tools

Specialty bicycle tools you need will depend a lot on the type of bike that you are working on. Some common tools include an Allen wrench set, combo Allen wrenches, measuring tape, floor pump, chain tool, spoke wrench, 3 tire levers, pedal wrench, cone wrenches in different sizes, an axle vise, chain whip, crank arm removal tools, chain ring bolt wrench, adjustable and cartridge bottom-bracket tool, threaded headset wrenches, torque wrench, torx hex wrenches, a truing stand, and a dishing tool. You may also wish to get a bike tool rack in which to organize and hold all of this stuff.

Bicycle tools that you will want to take with you on the road include: a portable bicycle pump, tire levers, a spare tube, a patch kit, a tire boot, a mini tool that include common Allen wrenches and screwdrivers, a chain master link, and a spoke wrench.

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