Bicycling Jerseys

Their Various Uses and Differences

bicycle jerseys

There is a reason we see cyclists all over wearing bicycling jerseys. Even those who are new to the bicycling world know that the type of equipment and clothing we use can mean a big difference in overall comfort while cycling. Cycling shorts, bibs, socks and shoes are all very important, but jerseys are another type of clothing that is essential to your comfort.

While shorts serve the purpose of keeping you comfortable by eliminating chaffing, jerseys are responsible for doing a lot more. Jerseys work to provide the same amount of comfort provided by cycling shorts, but they also provide things like wind resistance, ventilation and eliminating moisture.

Most bicycling jerseys you will come across will be made of polyester rather than cotton. It is not uncommon to mistake the polyester fabric on a jersey for cotton, as they both will look and feel very similar. The reason polyester is commonly used is so that the jersey will be able to breathe better. Using this type of material also allows the jersey to be able to repel moisture rather than absorb it. Cotton, although it would allow the jersey to breathe, it would also soak up any moisture, making for a very unpleasant riding experience in wet weather.

Other things you want to look for when choosing jerseys is the right zipper length. These can be found anywhere from a few inches to full length. The zipper is important because it will allow you to provide ventilation based on how far up or down you wish to adjust it.

bicycling jerseys The elastic hems on a jersey are there for wind resistance purposes. Some people will care about this feature, while others won’t be as concerned about it. For those who don’t care about wind resistance, you can go for jerseys that have more of a relaxed fit. These are often sold with the tagline of "off road apparel" or "mountain bike".

Another important factor to consider when looking at bicycling jerseys is their size. Not that long ago, when companies would make jerseys for women, they would just take a men’s jersey, make it pink and call it a woman’s jersey. Luckily, that has changed in recent years, as jerseys are now made specifically for females, which are made to better accommodate their bodies.

For men’s jerseys, there is the more traditional European jersey which is made for professional racers and the American jersey, which is more for the casual rider.

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