How to Pick Out Bicycling Pants

bicycling pants

Bicycling pants are for those avid cyclers who cycle year round in the rain, wind, snow, and sun. They help protect the lower legs from harsh weather and keep them warm when it is cold outside. There are two types of pants available, the loose kind and the ones that conform to the body.

Loose pants come in a variety of styles and can be worn over bike shorts. Tight bike pants, also called bicycle tights, are similar to the form and fit of bike shorts. You can purchase them with a regular waistband or get them in a bib style. Both types are great alternatives when biking during the winter.

Loose bicycling pants are often made from nylon which makes them very durable. They are not as breathable as spandex, though, and do not wick away moisture as well. Because of this, you want to look for pants that are padded or lined with fabrics that do help with management of moisture. Loose cycling pants are also available in water resistant and windproof varieties. These are particularly helpful when you live in wet or windy climes as they protect the skin from the elements.

For people who live in places where the weather seems to have a mind of its own, it is a good idea to get pants that have removable legs. If the weather turns hot, you can change your pants into shorts simply by taking off the legs.

It is important that the cycling pants you purchase have elastic cuffs. This way they won’t flap in the wind or get caught in the bike chains. Elastic cuffs will also keep the water out and prevent the pants from riding up your leg.

bicycling pants

Be sure to try on several different pairs of pants to find out which ones are the most comfortable. Test them out by mimicking the position you are when you are riding your bike. The pants should allow your legs to move freely and comfortably. Try to buy pants in materials that feel good to your skin to prevent uncomfortable scratching or chaffing.

As a safety feature, look for bicycling pants that has reflective material sewn into it. The reflective material will shine in the light and make it easier for drivers to notice you on the road. Try to get pants that are thicker. This will help them withstand multiple washings as well as rubbing against the seat of the bike.

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