Bike Computers
Take Your Training Up a Notch


Bike computers, also known as cyclometers, are a great tool to have in your cycling toolbox. A cyclometer uses a magnetic counter to clock how fast you are going. These computers perform a number of functions that can help you track how you are doing as a cyclist. The basic models will track your speed and distance while high end models may include a stopwatch, altimeter, and a clock.

Generally, the more a bicycle computer costs, the more features you get. The features you need in a cyclometer will depend on your goals as a cyclist. If you are riding for exercise or casual purposes then the basic model may be for you. However, if you are in training then you’ll want a model that offers more options.

Most bike computers are lightweight so you don’t have to worry about adding more weight to your bike. Other specifications of cyclometers on the market include the ability to tell you your current speed, average speed, maximum speed, cadence, trip distance, odometer, stopwatch, altimeter, and clock.

The average speed is great for when you want to improve how fast you go on a particular route while the maximum speed benefits will tell you your top speed. Cadence keeps track of how many pedal rotations you are doing per minute which help with selecting the right gears for the job.

bike computers Trip distance is for keeping track of how you go on any one stretch of bike riding. An odometer functions just like the one on your car and will tell you how many miles your bicycle has racked up. A stopwatch can be used for racing and adding sprint stretches in your bicycle rides.

An altimeter measures your elevation which is good if you are training for a tour. A clock will let you know if you’ve been out on a ride longer than you should have. Not all cyclometers will have all of these features but there are so many on the market that you will definitely find one that fits your specific cycling needs.

There are also bike computers that communicate wirelessly which means less hardware that you have to attach to your bike. However, you want to be sure that you get a wireless unit which offers coded transmission to prevent interference from other cyclometers. You can pick up a cyclometer at your local sports store as well as online. Join us in the forum and share your best cycling times with us.

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