Cycling Clothes

A Guide to the Different Types of Specialized
Bicycle Apparel and Their Various Functions

cycling clothes

For the cycling enthusiast, finding the right type of cycling clothes to wear is very important. This usually will mean the difference between enjoying your time while riding and hating your new hobby bad enough you want to give it up. Buying the right kind of clothes may cost some money, but will help to greatly increase your enjoyment of this pastime.

After buying a helmet, the first place you will want to start is by choosing the right type of shorts to wear. You will quickly find that there are hundreds and hundreds of various kinds of shorts, all from many different manufacturers. The main purpose of biking shorts is to provide you with maximum comfort while riding.

In addition to shorts, both men and women can also choose from bib shorts. Bib shorts, commonly referred to as simply "bibs", are cycling clothes that offer the same comfort that regular shorts do, only they have straps that come up over your shoulders, allowing you to breathe easier. This is one reason why a lot of professional bikers choose to wear bibs over traditional cycling shorts.

Many who are just starting out with biking also prefer bibs to shorts as they don’t have the elastic waistband shorts have, which allows for greater comfort for those who don’t have a flat stomach.

Other pieces of cycling clothes include things like the bicycling jersey. It actually wasn’t too long ago that jersey manufacturers would simply take a men’s jersey, make it pink and call it a women’s jersey. However, now there are significantly more differences between the two, as a women’s jersey is now cut to accommodate the female body.

cycling clothes Nearly all jerseys, men’s or women’s, are made from polyester, even if they look like they are made with cotton. Polyester is used not only for its ability to breathe better than cotton, but for its ability to repel moisture.

Socks and shoes are also very important clothes that you should carefully pick out. Professional bicyclists use special shoes that make use of a clipping system. The pedals have a clip that attaches to the clip on the shoes, which allows for maximum efficiency while pedaling.

Special socks should also be worn, as they can mean the difference between your feet staying dry and getting blisters on your skin. Having the right kind of cycling socks will allow your feet to stay comfortable while riding, as they will absorb the moisture.

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