Features of a Good Cycling Jacket

cycling jacket

When looking for a cycling jacket, there are few things you want to consider before plunking your hard earned money down on one. Bicycle jackets fall into two categories, windproof and water resistant. It is best to consider the weather you will be cycling in most often and choose the one that fits those circumstances. For example, if it rains a lot where you live, then you will want to purchase a water resistant jacket. There are jackets that are both water resistant and windproof. However, these tend to be bulky and could cause you to become overheated or slow down your cycling speed.

In general you want to get a lightweight bicycling jacket rather than one that is heavy because you will warm up with your exertion. Of the two, windproof cycling jackets are made from lighter materials than water resistant jackets. They are the most breathable which means you won’t get too hot.

Water resistant jackets are a little heavier because they are made with extra material to keep the moisture out. On a weather resistant jacket, you want to make sure there is an extra flap that covers the zipper to prevent moisture from seeping in through the teeth.

cycling jacket Water resistant bicycle jackets tend to be less breathable which means you will probably sweat more. So you want to make sure that you wear a good cycling shirt that will wick away the extra moisture.

While getting a cycling jacket with a hood may seem like a good idea, especially on rainy days, it can actually cause blind spot and increase your risk of having an accident. You are probably better off wearing a water resistant cap while biking in the rain. One thing that you should look for in a jacket is the collar folds up and you are able to zip it to the neck. This will help keep the water and rain out.

A good safety measure to have on your bicycling jacket is some type of reflective material especially if you bike in the dark. The material on your bicycling jacket will reflect the car's headlights which will allow drivers to see you. Lastly, you want to get a jacket that can be easily folded away when you don’t need it anymore. The last thing you want is to be saddled with a bulky jacket when you are out on a long bike trip.

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