Choosing the Best Cycling Shirts

cycling shirts

Cycling shirts are not just for the professional or avid rider. Bicyclists of all ages and levels can benefit from the advantages that good bicycling shirts provide. Also known as cycling jerseys, a shirt designed for those that participate in bicycling can help keep you cool on hot days, warm on cold days, and provide a place to store extra items like an MP3 player.

Choosing the best shirt for you will depend on a number of things such as whether you want long sleeve or short sleeve, how heavy you want the fabric, and what safety features you want to incorporated into the shirt.

If you are buying bicycling shirts for use during the summer or in warm weather, then you want something that is going to keep you cool. You should go for a short sleeved jersey made with a polyester microfiber material. This fabric is better at absorbing the sweat and moisture from your skin which will keep you cool.

Most shirts will be longer in the back than they are in the front to ensure that you remain covered when you are bent over the bike. Additionally, it is important the shirt is form fitting so that it doesn’t flap in the wind created by your bicycle riding.

For those that are buying cycling shirts to wear in the winter, you will want to make sure that the shirt has a collar that fits tight around your neck to hold in the warmth of your body. When you try the shirt on, zip it all the way up to see how it fits. It is also helpful that the shirt has a long zipper for those times when you need to unzip to cool down or zip up to stay warm.

cycling shirts When you are trying on shirts at the store, it is important that you move into the position that you are in when you cycle. You want to make sure that the shoulders are cut wide enough to be comfortable and provide freedom of movement.

Lastly, most cycling shirts have pockets that allow you to store items, like a MP3 player and a granola bar, while you ride. Make sure that the pockets are in the back so they do not fall out when you lean forward on the bike.

Bicycle shirts come in a variety of colors and you can choose one according to your preference. However, you may find that lighter colors work better when it is hot outside and darker colors are better for cold days.

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