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The Various Types of Cycling Shoes and Their Benefits

cycling shoes

Whether you have been bicycling for a while now or have just gotten started with the hobby, you no doubt have already learned the importance of finding the right kind of bicycling equipment. Not only does the type of bike you are riding make a big difference, but so does the type of shorts, jerseys and gloves.

While many casual bikers will just wear their regular, everyday shoes when they ride, professionals realize they need specialized cycling shoes as well. One of the many features of shoes made especially for bicycling is that they use a specialized clip system so that your shoe will stay clipped directly to the pedal.

The clipping system used on cycling shoes is important for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it keeps your feet from slipping off the pedals, which can easily happen when you get tired. This system also allows for better efficiency when stroking the pedals, letting you pull up and push down easier.

For the beginning cyclist or someone who only rides casually, there may be no need to invest in specialized shoes or pedals. However, for those who plan to cycle professionally, ride for really long distances, or just want to increase their efficiency, will certainly start to appreciate the features they offer.
cycling shoes When searching for the right type of cycling shoes, there are essentially two different kinds from which to choose. The shoes that are mainly designed for racing will often times have cleats that are longer and more exposed. Also, they will have very stiff soles which aid in the transfer of energy. Both of these traits make these shoes much harder to walk in. The other type is mainly designed for cycling off road and for the casual road cyclist and these have much shorter cleats, making them easier to walk in.

When picking out the right pair of shoes, make sure to choose a pair that is comfortable and fits snugly. You don’t want the back slipping up and down on your heel as you pedal and you should also have very little room at the front for your toes.

Just like cycling jerseys, the shoes for women are not just re-colored men’s shoes. Women’s bicycling shoes are made differently for the changes in anatomy. Women’s shoes have an arch in the middle that is slightly higher, a narrower fit around the heel and a more shallow area for the toes.

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