Help with headbands or skull caps or???

by Darryl
(Mesa, AZ)

I'm riding in sunny, hot Mesa, AZ, and I am tired of getting my eyes full of salt every time I stop for a break or a stop light. I'm therefore looking for recommendations about sweat control. Is it better to try to fit a headband under a helmet or a skull cap, or is there somewhere a better technique than rinsing off with a bottle (my current best practice)?

I should add that sweating while I'm moving isn't a problem because the dry heat (it really is dry, people!) is usually sufficient to evaporate sweat when aided by a little motion, other than during monsoon season. However, as soon as I stop, all the evaporated salt is immediately flushed by sweat from my forehead into my eyes.

Also, I recently got a new helmet and I'm still struggling to get it adjusted not to mash my sunglasses every few minutes. Putting either a band or a cap on might complicate getting that adjustment corrected.


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Jun 05, 2011
Skull Cap vs. Head Band
by: Anonymous

I find that a head band works best for me. The skull cap is harder to wear under the helmet and doesn't allow the heat to be released from your head as you ride. Also, you can't feel the cool airflow through your helmet with a skull cap. Skull caps are better suited to cold weather situations where you want to conserve body heat.

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