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Welcome to If you’re new to the world of bicycling gear or have always wanted to get involved with the hobby, then you have come to the right place.

A lot of people probably start out just casually riding a bike, but over time, as they become more serious about riding, they realize that they need to invest in buying some bicycling gear. Whether its gloves, jerseys, clothes or shoes, each piece of equipment has its purpose.

A Brief Introduction

If you have found yourself in this situation, then this is the site for you. Here we’ll discuss all of the various types of cycling gear and talk about which ones are essential to have and which ones are optional.

bicycling helmet The most essential piece of gear is the helmet, and hopefully we don’t have to tell you how important this piece of equipment can be. Even though not many people like wearing a helmet, luckily various companies are aware of this and have created some sleek designs that people are ok with wearing in public. There are a number of different designs to pick from, so the right choice basically depends on your own personal comfort and color preference.

bicycling gloves Gloves are another piece of gear that can be useful to have, even if not as essential as a helmet would be. Many times, a pair of gloves will do a lot more than just keeping your hands warm on a cold day. Most will have padding that is deliberately in specific areas so that it can absorb vibrations and also keep your hands from getting tired.

Even if you have just started bicycling, you no doubt have learned about chaffing. This is why having the right kind of shorts is imperative. Bicycling shorts are designed to give you greatest amount of comfort while riding. Most do this by using chamois, a material that is sewn on the inside of the shorts to help not only keep chaffing to a minimum, but they can also soak up moisture. Although this piece of bicycling gear is nice to have, some people may have a hard time wearing tight, form fitting shorts. For this reason, there are also baggier shorts that look more casual, but are still just as comfortable to wear.

Feel free to post any questions, comments or opinions that have to do with bicycling here on the site in our Bicycling Forum. We would love to hear any of your own bicycling gear reviews or personal cycling stories that you want to share with us.

bicycling gear

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